15 Uses for an Inoutside Room

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

When you need a quiet space to escape from everyday stress, a place in your garden that’s flexible enough to turn into an office, kid’s playroom or even rent out on AirBnB! Inoutside’s room are beautifully designed and fully-functioning studios to suit work or lifestyle option that offers a warm winter haven or a cool summertime retreat. The possibilities for your backyard room are endless, here are 15 uses for an Inoutside room:


For the growing number of people now working from home either full or part-time, our multi-purpose provide a comfortable, secure and professional working environment removed from the usual distractions associated with working from home. You can now separate your office from your home to regain more space in your house, while bringing balance back into your life. By day, heat and light can be controlled using solar-sensitive glazing or fitted blinds. Temperature controlled interiors can also be created, with optional climate control featuring air conditioning and heating. All utilities can be connected—water, waste, electrical, telecommunications, Foxtel and broadband internet.


With property prices rising, creating more space in your home as cost-effectively as possible means a contemporary and inexpensive granny flat could be a viable option for your new backyard room. Our innovative designs provide a modern twist on granny flat designs and can be tailored so you can achieve the ideal space to enrich your lifestyle.