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Everything you need to know about Insulation

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

When building an outdoor room, it is important to ensure there is proper insulation for year round comfort. Due to Australia’s harsh climate, it is important to stay cool in the summer and warm in winter.


Inoutside can customize builds not only in Design and visual effects but also in insulation. There are many products that offer medium to high insulation values and these are worth considering in your liveable space.

A question we often get asked is do we use insulation in our outdoor rooms? Proper insulation is important to ensure maximum comfort and we are backed by our 10 year structural guarantee with Australian-made material.

Inoutside takes pride in our beautifully crafted products and uses state of the art materials to ensure high standards in moderating temperature. For example, by day, heat and light can be controlled using solar-sensitive glazing or fitted blinds. And temperature controlled interiors can also be created, with optional climate control featuring air conditioning and heating. You can read more about our process and materials.

Here are some other insulation features:

R2 Insulated Walls:

Why is the proper thickness of insulation necessary for comfort? 25% of heat in a home, office or room can be lost just through the walls. Inoutside insulates their walls exactly like a regular house. This allows less heat to escape in the winter and less cool air to do so in the summers, keeping you comfortable all year round. The insulation values can be increased based on the climate you live.

Particle Board Flooring:

This durable product is perfect for keeping out moisture during high precipitation months. But not only does it keep the room dry, but it's also strong and long-lasting. Providing the perfect base for whatever floor finish you wish to install in an Inoutside building. Carpet, parquet and ceramic tiles are a few of the options to consider when personalising your space.

Internal Dividing Walls:

Like any home, there are rooms that are particularly chilly and allow heat to evaporate. Such as storage spaces, bathrooms and laundry rooms. To avoid drafts, the partition of walls and doorways traps cool air and keeps the heat contained. Clients can choose to add internal dividing walls to their rooms to ensure comfort all year round.


An Inoutside room is not just a garage or a garden shed to store tools and miscellaneous items. It is an extension of a home, without the need to extend the home.

We ensure each of our rooms provide comfort and practicality for every client’s use. Whether it is for a granny-flat, home office or music studio to keep your expensive equipment out of a moist environment - our prefabricated outdoor room are of superior quality. Our top-notch German designed sandwich roof/ceiling panel, plasterboard lined insulation and electrical pack (installed by our licensed and qualified electrician) all add to Inoutside’s beautiful and practical designs that is perfect to suit everyone’s needs.

Currently servicing SA, VIC, ACT & NSW for full installation - Inoutside can assist with your outdoor garden room whether it is a small room or a large custom design with all the extras. Contact us at for more information.

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1 Comment

Colby Adkins
Colby Adkins
Apr 10

An interior room is more than just a place to store tools and random objects like a garage or garden shed. Dordle

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