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Full Customisation Package

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

If you find the process to design, seek approvals, source contractors and installation daunting, then we can help with the Full Customisation Package to make the building process as seamless as possible! What does a full customisation and install package look like?

We specialise in all components of the building design, materials, trades, liaison and after care. We can make your experience hassle-free by assisting with the following:

- Design your vision. This includes customisation of materials, elevations and upgrades. Our unique design software enables us to build your vision;

- Approvals package. We take on the approvals process, this takes us approximately 6 weeks to get a building permit. The process includes, drafting design, engineering of your design, surveyor, soil reports, energy reports to meet the 6 star rating, liaison with your council site inspections and compliance certificate. Indemnity insurance and builders contract are all tied up with legislation for your piece of mind. We have a dedicated staff person working with you and your project for a personalised service;

- Full install and upgrades (if required). Our team will use an engineered foundation system if your ground is not level. Our carpenters assemble the building, the electrician will work with you around placement of your electrical consumers, and our plasterer will insulate and plaster the walls to a high standard ready for painting;

You will only need to think about the decorating and flooring of your choice! It is that easy!

We can also work with any trades you have engaged with including, plumber, air con installer and landscaper.

To find out more, please mention the 'Full Customisation Package' and email us at

Our package does not include, plumbing, electric connection to main feed or decorating.


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