Granny flats or teenage retreat - the garden room that grows with you!

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

The term granny flat has been used for years and no matter how much people try to change the term to something modern and sleek, Granny flat still sticks in our minds as permanent living and sleeping space for a family member. 

In many cases it is for an elderly parent who can no longer manage independent living without having a carer close by. But how do you approach someone dear to you and try to convince them to live in your backyard in what some would consider a shed?!

Inoutside recognises that the wellbeing of a vulnerable person living in a back yard building is of paramount importance. The space needs to feel like a home and not a shed. 

At Inoutside we offer customisation on all of our builds and this includes a full installation service that takes into account, high R values of wall, floor and ceiling insulation. The rooms are plastered to a smooth finish and the space can be bright and airy with good garden views from many elevations. 

Windows can be double glazed to reduce the carbon footprint but to also ensure the space has less noise interruption and no drafts. We can add kitchens and bathrooms to the builds, modern and sleek. Offer a superb outdoor space which is decked and under cover-so really more inside, outside. All built to the Aust