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Latest build this Spring

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Summer is just around the corner, this mean longer days, blue skies, and a good time of the year for renovations, gardening or landscaping!

Some people are fortunate to have extra space in their garden; which makes it a potential home for a backyard room with Inoutside! Spring is a busy time for Inoutside, let's see what our customer are building.

Pool houses are generally popular this time of year, with people landscaping their backyard space in preparation for a pool and an outdoor room. This can include a small bathroom to stop little people running through the house with wet feet!

Art studios in NSW is a lovely space for reflective, mindful, tranquil evenings. Customers can sit in their own space away from the chaos of the main house and create great artwork without any interruptions.

SA has seen a beautiful Pool house installed in the city area and the Adelaide Hills have seen a teenage retreat developed to provide some quiet space for the end of year exam practice.

Melbourne have had a surge of Granny flat-type backyard room family spaces for the extended family to assist in reclaiming the space back in the house.

Most customers continue to have a love for the beautiful earthy Cedar that looks welcoming in any environment. The new addition of colourbond colours is a versatile and attractive product which has been popular especially from a cost perspective.

Double glazing and extra insulation have been popular with people in Canberra over the last few months, especially over winter. People have commented that the aircon or heating was on less and not continually running. Extra roof and wall insulation, double glazing and underfloor insulation meant heating and cooling is retained in the space and in turn reduce energy costs.

After the chilly winter, people are wanting to let the outdoors in and are choosing a floor to ceiling windows with cute overhangs to keep the sun just out of way but still retain the light.


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